Articling Program

At Templeman LLP our philosophy is to train students to become future lawyers and partners in the firm.  From the outset, we assess our students as future lawyers and partners in the firm.  We expect a lot from our students and we are prepared to invest in their growth as exceptional lawyers. 

Unlike traditional articles at the largest full-service law firms, the experience gained by students at Templeman is unparalleled. Templeman encourages student to spend time with our lawyers in court, in administrative proceedings and in business transactions to receive the widest range of practical experience as possible. Given the depth and specialized nature of the legal services provided by the firm, students will be regularly involved in complex and challenging litigation proceedings and business deals. Our students are given considerable responsibility in their articling year that are more akin to the type of work junior associates receive in larger full-service firms. 

Rather than being used as a resource tool or spending months in processes related to “due diligence” in commercial matters or endless hours of research, our students are expected to play a significant role in drafting pleadings, Agreements of Purchase and Sale, Factums in support of injunctive and interlocutory relief and to play a meaningful role as “second chair” in administrative proceedings. Students from the firm will be exposed to many areas of the law including mediation, arbitrations, trials, motions and business and real estate transactions. While there is no formal rotation for students during their articling months, students are expected to gain some exposure in the following broad practice areas:

  • Administrative
  • Corporate/Commercial
  • Environmental
  • Family
  • Insurance Defence
  • Labour, Employment & Human Rights
  • Municipal
  • Real Estate
  • Civil Litigation
  • Wills, Estates

Students can also expect to learn about the business aspects of the legal services firm.  The firm culture ensures that the expectations are transparent. 

The firm seeks to attract the most highly qualified students to join its team.

Emphasis is placed on the demonstrated ability of a student to excel in their law school studies while providing significant broad exposure in other work and life areas. Because the firm places considerable responsibilities on students and has high expectations, student who are self-starters and eager to learn the business of law are those who excel. The firm provides students with a salary during their first phase of their Bar Admission course and pays all fees associated with the completion of the call to the bar in Ontario.  

Many firms speak about their hire-back ratios.  While economics and need play a role in hire-back, the firm has always felt that exceptional students will always attract excellent work.   The firm has grown extensively in the past ten years.   Where possible the firm seeks to hire lawyers from the student ranks. 

Each year the firm hires between two (2) and four (4) articling students assigned to various offices and supplements its student program with its summer student opportunities. 

To find out more about our stimulating Articling Program and the dynamic career awaiting you at the end of your articles, please contact our Student Committee for more information.

Summer Student Opportunities

Much like the Articling program at Templeman LLP, the firm strives to train potential law school graduates students and introduce them to the practice of law early.   Our summer students may expect to spend time with many of our lawyers, and shadow them in their daily practice. Students can also expect to undertake legal research and assist in the drafting of legal materials and commercial documentation, in order to receive the widest range of practical experience as possible to fully prepare them for their future as articling students and lawyers.

To find out more about opportunities for summer students at Templeman LLP, please contact our Student Committee.